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If you have been searching for the best scale ship Model and Tall Ship model you have come to the right place.

Feel free to browse our large scale model sailing ships, warships, battle ships, merchant ships and cargo ships. Click on any picture for a closer look.

 Our model Tall Ships are all built to scale of the orginal sailing vessel. 

Our model ships are NOT made from a kit but each one is individually hand built by a master model ship builder and because of this the sizes we give are approximate. 

The detail and workmanship on our Victory model , Constellation model, and Bounty model is superb and classic.

Amerigo Verspucci - Painted (SKU: OMH-T003)Amerigo Verspucci - Painted (SKU: OMH-T003)
Atlantic Yacht 38" (SKU: OMH-Y004)Atlantic Yacht 38" (SKU: OMH-Y004)
Batavia (SKU: OMH-T125)Batavia (SKU: OMH-T125)
Beagle (SKU: OMH-T289)Beagle (SKU: OMH-T289)
Black Pearl  Pirate Ship (SKU: OMH-T295)Black Pearl Pirate Ship (SKU: OMH-T295)
Clipper Cutty Sark   22" (SKU: OMH-T014)Clipper Cutty Sark 22" (SKU: OMH-T014)
Clipper Cutty Sark   34" (SKU: OMH-T016)Clipper Cutty Sark 34" (SKU: OMH-T016)
Clipper Cutty Sark  (no sail) (SKU: OMH-T123)Clipper Cutty Sark (no sail) (SKU: OMH-T123)
Clipper Harvey   Painted  35" (SKU: OMH-T114)Clipper Harvey Painted 35" (SKU: OMH-T114)
Clipper Harvey 35" (SKU: OMH-T111)Clipper Harvey 35" (SKU: OMH-T111)
Coastguard Eagle 36" (SKU: OMH-T209)Coastguard Eagle 36" (SKU: OMH-T209)
Esmeralda Painted (SKU: OMH-T115)Esmeralda Painted (SKU: OMH-T115)
Friesland (SKU: OMH-T027)Friesland (SKU: OMH-T027)
Friesland Medium (SKU: OMH-T026)Friesland Medium (SKU: OMH-T026)
HMS Bounty 37" (SKU: OMH-T107)HMS Bounty 37" (SKU: OMH-T107)
HMS Endeavour  38" (SKU: OMH-T094)HMS Endeavour 38" (SKU: OMH-T094)
HMS Endeavour  Open Hull  37" (SKU: OMH-T275)HMS Endeavour Open Hull 37" (SKU: OMH-T275)
HMS Endeavour  Painted 38" (SKU: OMH-T096)HMS Endeavour Painted 38" (SKU: OMH-T096)
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HMS Victory  Cross-Section (SKU: OMH-Q010)HMS Victory Cross-Section (SKU: OMH-Q010)
HMS Victory - Bow Section (SKU: OMH-P009)HMS Victory - Bow Section (SKU: OMH-P009)
HMS Victory 21" (SKU: OMH-T175)HMS Victory 21" (SKU: OMH-T175)
HMS Victory 30" (SKU: OMH-T033)HMS Victory 30" (SKU: OMH-T033)
HMS Victory 37" (SKU: OMH-T034)HMS Victory 37" (SKU: OMH-T034)
HMS Victory Painted 37" (SKU: OMH-T101)HMS Victory Painted 37" (SKU: OMH-T101)
HMS Victory X-Large Special Edition 56" (SKU: OMH-T032)HMS Victory X-Large Special Edition 56" (SKU: OMH-T032)
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La Bretagne (SKU: OMH-T042)La Bretagne (SKU: OMH-T042)
Lynx  Painted 34" (SKU: OMH-T135)Lynx Painted 34" (SKU: OMH-T135)
Mayflower  20" (SKU: OMH-T155)Mayflower 20" (SKU: OMH-T155)
Pirate Ship 37" (SKU: OMH-T194)Pirate Ship 37" (SKU: OMH-T194)
S.S. Gaelic L80 (SKU: OMH-T062)S.S. Gaelic L80 (SKU: OMH-T062)
San Felipe 19" (SKU: OMH-T147)San Felipe 19" (SKU: OMH-T147)
San Felipe XL (SKU: OMH-T190)San Felipe XL (SKU: OMH-T190)
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Soleil Royal  36" (SKU: OMH-T072)Soleil Royal 36" (SKU: OMH-T072)
Sovereign Of The Seas  XL (SKU: OMH-T170)Sovereign Of The Seas XL (SKU: OMH-T170)
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Sovereign of the Seas 29" (SKU: OMH-T076)Sovereign of the Seas 29" (SKU: OMH-T076)
Sovereign of the Seas 37" (SKU: OMH-T077)Sovereign of the Seas 37" (SKU: OMH-T077)
St. Esprit (SKU: OMH-T149)St. Esprit (SKU: OMH-T149)
USS  Constitution 38" (SKU: OMH-T012)USS Constitution 38" (SKU: OMH-T012)
USS Constellation XL (SKU: OMH-T144)USS Constellation XL (SKU: OMH-T144)
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USS Constitution 31" (SKU: OMH-T097)USS Constitution 31" (SKU: OMH-T097)
USS Constitution Cross-Section (SKU: OMH-Q009)USS Constitution Cross-Section (SKU: OMH-Q009)
USS Constitution XL (SKU: OMH-T103)USS Constitution XL (SKU: OMH-T103)
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Wasa (SKU: OMH-T102)Wasa (SKU: OMH-T102)
Zeven Provincien (SKU: OMH-T086)Zeven Provincien (SKU: OMH-T086)