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If you have been searching for the best model Yachts and the best model Sailing yachts you have come to the right place. Feel free to browse our yacht and large model sailboats and click on any picture for a closer look. Choose between our classic model yacht or victory model sailboat, or any of our other quality model boats. Our wooden model sailboat ships are NOT made from a kit but each one is individually hand built by a master model boat builder and because of this the sizes we give are approximate. The detail and workmanship on our models are both superb and classic. A few of our yachts and sail boats are shipped to you with their masts folded down. For these, simple instructions are provided for easy assembly.
Atlantic Yacht 38" (SKU: OMH-Y004)Atlantic Yacht 38" (SKU: OMH-Y004)
Bluenose II   Painted - 38" (SKU: OMH-Y133)Bluenose II Painted - 38" (SKU: OMH-Y133)
Bluenose II Painted - 47" (SKU: OMH-Y095)Bluenose II Painted - 47" (SKU: OMH-Y095)
Columbia Yacht Model Sailboat (SKU: OMH-Y011)Columbia Yacht Model Sailboat (SKU: OMH-Y011)
Endeavour  Sm (SKU: OMH-Y068)Endeavour Sm (SKU: OMH-Y068)
Endeavour  Yacht Painted  24" (SKU: OMH-Y139)Endeavour Yacht Painted 24" (SKU: OMH-Y139)
Endeavour Yacht Model Sailboat 40" (SKU: OMH-Y018)Endeavour Yacht Model Sailboat 40" (SKU: OMH-Y018)
Enterprise 25'' Yacht (SKU: OMH-Y025)Enterprise 25'' Yacht (SKU: OMH-Y025)
Pen Duik 24" (SKU: OMH-Y033)Pen Duik 24" (SKU: OMH-Y033)
Pen Duik Yacht  26" Painted (SKU: OMH-Y070)Pen Duik Yacht 26" Painted (SKU: OMH-Y070)
Pen Duik Yacht  28.5" (SKU: OMH-Y035)Pen Duik Yacht 28.5" (SKU: OMH-Y035)
Shamrock (SKU: OMH-Y047)Shamrock (SKU: OMH-Y047)
Shamrock  Yacht L (SKU: OMH-Y044)Shamrock Yacht L (SKU: OMH-Y044)
Shamrock V  (See Through) (SKU: OMH-Y153)Shamrock V (See Through) (SKU: OMH-Y153)
Viking Sport Cruiser 36" (SKU: OMH-B082)Viking Sport Cruiser 36" (SKU: OMH-B082)