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Our best handcrafted model Fishing Boats are featured below.
For more detailed information on any of our Fishing Boat models, simply click on a picture.
Our model wooden ships are NOT made from a kit but each one is individually hand built by a master model boat builder and because of this the sizes we give are approximate.
The detail and workmanship on our best model fishing boats are both superb and classic.
Bluenose II   Painted - 38" (SKU: OMH-Y133)Bluenose II Painted - 38" (SKU: OMH-Y133)
Dickie Walker  Fishing Boat (SKU: OMH-B039)Dickie Walker Fishing Boat (SKU: OMH-B039)
Hemingway Pilar Boat (SKU: OMH-B198)Hemingway Pilar Boat (SKU: OMH-B198)
La Confiance (SKU: OMH-B066)La Confiance (SKU: OMH-B066)
La Gaspésienne Painted (SKU: OMH-Y110)La Gaspésienne Painted (SKU: OMH-Y110)
Shrimp  Boat (SKU: OMH-B044)Shrimp Boat (SKU: OMH-B044)